Cheap, DIY Ice Chains for Your Boots Will Save Your Arse With Traction

By Eric Limer on at

The Met Office is predicting zero-degree temperatures for the rest of the week for most of Blighty, which means ice on the roads and pavements. There's nothing quite like busting your arse on the ice when you're just trying to get to work. Boot chains can help keep you keep upright, but there's no need to shell out for a pair when you can just whip up your own for a lot less.

All it takes are a few bungie cords, a bit of cross-linked chain, and the patience to spend a couple of minutes hooking them together. You can get all of that little lot in your local B&Q for a under a tenner. (Except the patience.) In the end, you get that little bit of extra traction that could save you from embarrassingly gif-able spills or worse, a fractured tail-bone. Hop on over to Instructables to see the full how-to. [Instructables]