Compare the Meerkat Like Never Before with the BBC's 4K Nature Documentary

By Chris Mills on at

There are probably only six 4K-TV-owners out there, but golly darn gosh the Beeb's an equal-opportunities broadcaster, and it's going to cater to them. Specifically, the Beeb's planning to make its next big nature documentary in glorious 4K for the well-heeled's viewing pleasure.

The first documentary to air will be Survival, a nature documentary that presumably involves cute fluffy animals mating and then getting eaten by predators or something (probably with David Attenborough narrating -- but that's just a guess). Auntie Beeb's long had a flirtation with Ultra HD, first starting to toy with the tech way back in 2008 they even broadcast bits of the Olympics in retina-melting 8K. So, owners of 4K worldwide, chin up -- not only do you have levels of disposable income I can only dream of, but you'll have stuff to watch on your super-expensive TV. Lucky buggers. [Telegraph via TechRadar]