Conduct Your Important Internet Business at 4.00am for the Best Speeds

By Gary Cutlack on at

A massive analysis of some 2.3 million online speed tests carried out over the last six months has fingered 4.00am as the time you're most likely to see your internet approach its advertised speed, as that's when your neighbour's kids aren't YouTube-ing the hell out of your local exchange.

The data found that average broadband speeds are 28 per cent lower at 9.00pm than they are at 4.00am and can see as much as a 60 per cent drop off in some areas, thanks to, well, literally everyone in the country simultaneously staring at a laptop and a phone to escape their mundane realities.

For those (un)lucky enough to be around at 4.00am, average connection speeds around the country at that time nearly reach the 15Mbps mark, against a 9.00pm average of 10.72Mbps. [TR]

Image credit: Computer use from Shutterstock