Could the World Learn to Love a Round London Underground Map?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Don't dismiss this as a sacrilegious attack on a global design classic. Spend a few minutes acclimatising yourself to this fantastic circular reinvention of London's iconic tube map and it... makes sense.

This new round Underground map has been designed by Maxwell Roberts, a man who's dedicated his recent years to working on map usability and the psychology that goes into making a good one that makes sense to even the most dazed and stumbling of tourists. It's unofficial, and Roberts doesn't think it's ready to submit to TfL as a potential replacement for the angular classic, but it's still a lovely piece of art.

The original, electrical diagram styling of London tube map designer Harry Beck is undeniably one of the most incredible pieces of design work there's been, but the man didn't have quite the same bewildering number of lines to incorporate as are found in London today, what with the recent new overground orbital sections that link the north and south of the city and more spaghetti-like extensions. Maybe it is time to move on? [Independent]

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