Creep On Strangers' Lives Six Seconds at a Time With Vinepeek

By Eric Limer on at

Some people are out there using Vine for pretty dumb things. Thankfully, others are capturing interesting six-second snippets from their actually-interesting lives. And you can creep on all of them, one after the other, in a constant fire-hose of anonymous, random video with Vinepeek.

The new site has a simple premise: scrub public Vines from the Internet and blast them at you full-force, non-stop. And while that might sound tedious, it's oddly captivating. You're bound to catch a few mundane ones, or perplexingly shot ones, but at a mere six seconds, who cares? Then there are the gems—dancing dragons, BMX backflips, editing magic tricks—that make you stick around for "just one more."

Vinepeek isn't affiliated with Vine or Twitter in any way, so it might not be around for long. but while it is, it's a fun little diversion that's worth a few minutes of your time at least. [VinePeek via Buzzfeed]