Do Google and LG Have a Nexus 4 Sequel On the Way Already?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Here's a curious one. If rumours are to be believed, LG's actually stopped producing Nexus 4s, and has turned manufacturing efforts to its incoming next-generation phones instead. Does Google have another Nexus right around the corner? Or has LG simply had enough of flogging hardware for next to nothing?

Now that CES is all done and dusted, MWC is next on the global tech roadshow. LG has hinted in the past that the Nexus 4 was simply one of many Google-partnership products waiting in the wings, so perhaps we'll see the next LG Nexus appear next month in Barcelona?

It seems feasibe that the two will launch a new phone soon, but it equally seems bizarre to cease production on a phone that's clearly selling gangbusters, without one to immediately replace it. So, for the time being, I'd chalk this one up as purely a pinch-of-salt rumour. Anyway, the writing is seemingly on the wall for the Nexus 4, so if you want one, I'd suggest getting in there pronto, if Google ever gets a solid stock level of the things that is. [IBTimes via Cnet]