Do You Really Hate Europe That Much?

By Chris Mills on at

David Cameron, being the pandering politician that he is, has promised us a referendum on Britain being part of the European Union (as long as the Conservatives win the next election, that is). Although this isn't strictly a classic Gizmodo topic, it's sure as hell important. So before the whole country gets to have its say, what's your opinion?

Personally, I've gotta say that I'm against leaving Europe. Sure, the nit-picking regulations are a pain, and there are certainly budgetary things that need changing -- I'm not really sure that subsidising French farmers is in our best interests, for example. But overall, being part of the EU reaps untold economic benefits for pretty much everyone, individuals and businesses included.

My fear is, though, that in a referendum campaign, the voice of reason and economic sense will be muscled out by impassioned braying about immigrants stealing jobs, cut-price European goods undermining our businesses, and EU bureaucracy. This, in turn, could lead to us voluntarily jumping out of the EU, and murdering our future economic prospects. What do you reckon, though -- should we have a referendum on Europe, and if so, which way are you going to vote?