Does Apple Have a Brand-New Super-Skinny Thunderbolt Display Incoming?

By Sam Gibbs on at

The rumourmongers are at it again. It looks like supplies of Apple's monster, £900 27-inch Thunderbolt display are selling out across the US, and stocks are even running low in the UK too. Does this mean Apple's about to spit out a new, super-skinny iMac-like display?

Dwindling stock levels are always the first indicators that Apple's about to either refresh, upgrade or replace models, so it's not exactly farfetched. Apparently Apple's shipping MagSafe 2 adapters with every Thunderbolt display to allow it to power the new MacBook line, so you'd assuming Cupertino kinda needs to do something about that soon. Plus, next to the sexy new iMac, the current Thunderbolt display looks positively chubster.

So, the new one will probably just be thinner, with a MagSafe 2, and USB3.0. But, I can't be the only one who seriously craves that glorious 27-inch display with the one Thunderbolt cable dock. Perhaps we'll suddenly see a price crash on the current generation Thunderbolt display if Apple pushes out a new one? Wishful thinking, perhaps. [Apple Insider]