Driver Faked CCTV Footage to Avoid Speeding Fine

By Gary Cutlack on at

Well, that was the idea. Plymouth man Roger Moore was caught speeding in a hire car, but decided that faking CCTV pics of his own car sitting on his drive would prove he'd already collected his car and driven home, and therefore was not the man hammering the hire car.

The switched-on local police submitted Moore's innocent home CCTV images to photography experts, who decided that the shadowing on Moore's car didn't match up with where the shadows ought to be for the time of year. They put it to him that he'd used an older pic, edited the time and date stamp, then sent it off as evidence of him not being where the police thought he was.

He crumbled in the face of this overwhelming forensic evidence and admitted to the significantly more serious crime of perverting the course of justice. Moore's Photoshop work exacerbated his punishment, leading to a suspended 16-week prison sentence and £2,000 in costs. [BBC]

Image credit: Parked cars from Shutterstock