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The Samsung GALAXY Note II is so much more than a smartphone, thanks to its myriad unique and intelligent features meaning you can create, inspire and dream in ways you've never thought possible.

One of the most irritating things about smartphones is the difficulty of moving items from one app to another; you see a picture or an inspirational quote on a website, but it's a real hassle - or indeed, impossible - to use them in a way that can help you create; this is where Samsung's superb Easy Clip feature becomes your new best friend.

With the power of the Samsung GALAXY Note II and its S Pen, anything you see on your screen is ripe for the taking, allowing you the freedom and power to organise, share and work with anything you like.

The premise couldn'dt be simpler: once you see something you want to save, withdraw the S Pen from its holder, click and hold the button on the side and begin drawing on the screen to activate Easy Clip mode.

When you've selected the item you want to use, a plethora of apps pop up at the bottom of the screen allowing you to use your clipping as you see fit.


Fun with friends

Let's take a look at some real world examples of how Easy Clip can make your life so much easier:

Let's say that you're swiping around the web (which, let's be honest, is one of the best experiences around thanks to the large and expansive HD screen on the Samsung GALAXY Note II). You see a picture that you think your friend might like, but it's an animation, which means you can't just long press and save it as you might on another smartphone. What can you do?

With Easy Clip, being able to see something is all you need to be able to capture it. Pull out the S Pen, draw freely around the object you're looking to share, and within seconds you've got something you can use as you see fit. When you've completed your selection a whole host of options appear at the bottom of the page, allowing you to share it via Facebook, Email, Messaging and more.

Let's say you want to write a note to your friend at the same time, so you select messaging. The GALAXY Note II automatically converts the message into an MMS so all you have to do is select your friend's name from your Contacts list and write a quick note to accompany the image (and you can even handwrite it, thanks to the S Pen you've got in your hand!).


Be inspired

But Easy Clip is about so much more than just being able to quickly send a clipping to a buddy; it's a function that lets you create as you want to over time, as your GALAXY Note II is the portable power in your pocket at all times. Combine Easy Clip with the Scrapbook function within S Note and you've got a canvas you can add to any time you like, no matter what the inspiration.

Say you're working on a project that requires examples of nature - you can always search online and find the pictures you want, use Easy Clip and then save them to the scrapbook in a few seconds, along with some notes that really highlight the essence of what you're trying to show. But Easy Clip goes so much further than that; if you see something when you're walking through the park that you think would be great for the project, usually you'd have to snap it, take the picture to a computer and edit it there.

Instead, why not whip out the Note II, take the picture in under a second (thanks to the advanced and speedy CPU) and clip out the section that really matters to you - add it into your scrapbook and you've got another example of what you need without having to jump through a number of hoops to achieve it.

The great thing about Easy Clip is the flexibility you get when you choose something to use. As mentioned, the options that pop up when you start Clipping are huge, meaning you can put a filter on using Instagram, instantly share it to Twitter or Facebook with a quick message or even save it online if you've got Google Drive installed.

The GALAXY Note II allows you to do all this and more without needing to worry about how much extra work you'll have to put in just to really get to the heart of the beautiful things in life.

Easy Clip is exactly that: an easy way of clipping the cool things and then using them as you see fit - and what's more, even if you don't have anything planned for the things you want to pull out of the screen, they'll always be instantly saved to the huge internal clipboard so you'll never lose the things that matter to you!



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