EasyJet Passengers Had to Have a Whip-Round to Get Overweight Plane Into the Air

By Chris Mills on at

So this is properly strange -- an EasyJet flight from Liverpool to Geneva was stopped from taking off yesterday after they discovered the aircraft was 300kg over the weight limit, and EasyJet had failed to boot people off. The pasengers' solution? Have a whip-round to bribe the fatties into leaving.

According to EasyJet, the plane was over the limit because of "excessive" hold baggage and a higher-than-normal dudes-to-chicks ratio making the plane too heavy. EasyJet initially offered £100 and a flight the next morning to anyone willing to get off, but failed to deter any of the would-be skiers from flying. The passengers took matters into their own hands, holding a whip-round to bump the compensation up to £200, and EasyJet offered a flight from Birmingham a few hours later. That did the trick, and the plane was up, up and away.

This story poses so many questions: why were there so many guys flying to Geneva all at once? Why are EasyJet such stingy misers? What was being smuggled in the hold to add all that weight? All I can say is, good on the passengers (even if they weren't exactly acting out of altruism), and EasyJet, stop scrimping. [Daily Mail]

Image credit: Easyjet from Shutterstock