EE's Got a New 4G Plan That Might Actually Be Worth It

By Sam Gibbs on at

Up until now, EE's top built-in data limit was just 8GB, which sounds a lot, but when you're burning along at 4G speeds, totally isn't. But how does 20GB sound? Tempting when it's only £46 a month.

There is a catch though. That price, £46 a month, is only available if you sign up before February 28th, after which it jumps by £15 to £61 a month, and it's a 12-month SIM-only plan, so you'll have to bring your own phone too. But the speed of 4G, which in my personal testing has been pretty damn good, across London and Southampton at least, with the amount of data that'll see you safely through each month is mighty tempting.

EE's also launching a few other new price plans today, including that same juicy 20GB allowance with a phone this time, on a 24-month contract for £61 per month until February 28th, £76 if you sign up there after.

If your budget's a bit tighter, from January 31st, EE's lowering its entry-level price plan too. It's got just 500MB of data, but it's now down to £31 per month for 24 months with one of EE's cheaper 4G phones thrown in for free. Of course, all those data allowances come with unlimited phone calls and texts, because who really uses a phone anymore? The 24-monthers can also be slapped with a £5 a month add-on too, which allows you to take that unlimited allowance internationally.

For those keeping count, EE's 4G network should be up and running in 35 towns and cities by the end of March this year, which is by no means blanket coverage, but should cover most people at least a little bit.

20GB of data a month is pretty good as allowances go too, even on the mobile broadband side of things. A quick peek at Three's data-only contracts for instance, sees the allowance top out at 15GB a month, although that is only £16 a month. I have to say, I'm personally very tempted to jump on-board at that price. Now all I need is a 4G phone.