Electronic Fags Breaking TV Smoking Ad Ban This Weekend

By Gary Cutlack on at

This weekend you will see something on TV that's been missing for long time -- a man enjoying a good long smoke. Only it's an e-cigarette nowadays. An iFag.

The advert, which has been put together to promote plastic ciggy company E-Lites, stars Waterloo Road actor Mark Benton, who plays the role of a daddy who misses out on life because he's made to smoke his traditional, stinking, fire-based cigarettes outside on his own so he doesn't give his entire family cancer.

While E-Lites don't contain tar and don't generate poisonous gasses and are therefore allowed to sidestep the often tricky "cancer" debate, they do deliver nicotine to the smoker. Which is an addictive drug. So there will be an advert for drugs on the telly. How very futuristic.

The E-Lites ad will debut this Saturday on ITV, Channel 5 and Sky, with E-Lites keen to point out it's offering a "modern, healthier alternative to smoking tobacco." [Guardian]