Endliss iPhone Case Adds an LED Disco Floor For Impossible-To-Miss Notifications

By Andrew Liszewski on at

We're all so use to having our smartphones close at hand that we can occasionally tune out and miss a call or notification that's right in front of our faces. So what's the solution? Obviously an iPhone 5 case with a blinding 8x16 LED grid on the back that mirrors and emphasises on-screen notifications.

So that it doesn't drain your iPhone, the Endliss case has its own 1500 mAh battery that can actually be used to top off your phone. But at the same time it requires a constant Bluetooth connection to your handset so the power gains/power consumption probably cancel each other out. Notifications can be sourced from Twitter, Facebook, phone calls, and texts, and custom animations can be used for each one.

Availability and pricing information hasn't been revealed just yet, but the real cost of what it does to your iPhone 5's sleek form factor is immediately obvious. [Chip Chick]