EU Wants "No Terrorists" Clause Added to ISP Contracts and a Big Red Terrorist Reporting Button

By Gary Cutlack on at

The EU's CleanIT group has published plans on how it believes terrorist use of the web could be curtailed, with one laughably useless suggestion saying that ISPs should add a clause to their contracts insisting that people don't use their web connections for evil purposes. That's sure to work.

The security method would be enforced in part by users, with CleanIT suggesting that a "browser-based reporting mechanism" could be developed, giving everyone within the EU the chance to act like a vigilante and report sites and their users for possible terrorist offences.

CleanIT has burned through €400,000 in putting together these proposals. Even the report writers seem unsure as to the effectiveness of any future changes, noting that "It is often difficult to determine which content on the Internet is illegal" and pointing out the difficulty in restricting freedoms while also supporting basic human rights. [CleanIT [PDF] via Ars]

Image credit: Terrorism via Shutterstock