Fact: If You Want a Decent Streaming Library, You'll Need Both LoveFilm and Netflix

By Sam Gibbs on at

I can't say this has exactly come as a shock to me -- I said as much in my review of the two services -- but now we have statistically undeniable proof. According to the streaming aggregation masters at Oric, almost every film of TV show is an exclusive to either Neftlix or LoveFilm, but not on both. Good thing they're both cheapish.

It seems that, out of LoveFilm's library of 3,284 movies, 92 per cent of them aren't available on Netflix. Likewise, Netflix has 1,668 films on its roster in the UK, with 84 per cent of them absent from LoveFilm. The various TV shows available on the two services make similar reading too, which just means that if you want a decent library to stream from you're going to need to sink your cash into both, and that's not even taking into account Sky's Now TV offering either. Pricy stuff when you start adding them all up.

What we really need is one box that will search both for the movie you're after, which is exactly what YouView's promising, it's just that neither Netflix or LoveFilm have jumped on-board Sir Sugar's platform yet. If you're a PC or Mac streamer, though, Oric might be worth checking out to make the hunt for TV shows and movies a little easier. [Cnet]

Image credit: Film from Shutterstock