NewsWhip, Temple Run 2, and More

By Leslie Horn on at

You're a scholar, you're a gossiper, and an all-around intelligent human being—a renaissance (wo)man, if you will. So here are some apps to fit your life, from a game that teaches you Mandarin to an app that'll keep you up on current events.


Fly Delta, NewsWhip, and More
PinYinPal: Mandarin is super duper hard to learn, but a little help in the form of a fun, Scrabble-style game can make it easier. Learn to recognise characters, hear the pronunciation, and get yourself one step closer to junking your Rosetta Stone. Free

Fly Delta, NewsWhip, and More
NewsWhip: Everyone wanted to talk about the American football quarterback with the fake girlfriend this week. You don't want to be the one person that's left out of the conversation. NewWhip scans Facebook and Twitter to find the stories people are chatting about most, so you've always got the haps on the news. Free

Deko, Temple Run 2, and More

Temple Run 2: This message has been auto-generated by a robot because the author is playing Temple Run 2. Set in a new ruined jungle, the new game is just as addictive as its predecessor, with new obstacles to dodge and duck and many coins to collect. Yeah, it's an iPhone game as well, but it works awesome on your iPad as well, and all that extra real estate lets you dodge those pesky obstacles even better. Free