Forget 4K: Amazingly Some 13,000 Britons Are Still Watching Black and White TVs

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yes, 4K might be all up in our collective grills right now, but apparently some people haven't even gotten on the colour bandwagon yet, let alone HD or UHD. The TV Licensing bods issued 13,202 monochrome licences last year for black and white TVs -- what the hell?

According to the latest stats 41 per cent of the UK own an HDTV, which isn't surprising, but are there really over 13,000 households that still watch everything through an ancient black and white TV? I mean, it's not like anyone still makes and sells monochrome sets anymore, right?

Something tells me it all comes down to the money. A monochrome licence costs just over one-third of a colour one at £49. If you think about it, with 13,202 homes with black and white TVs, are the License cops really going to check them all? Seems like a load of cheeky sods are skimping on yet another tax, and I can't really blame them. [BBC]

Image credit: Retro TV from Shutterstock