Genius Bank Robbers Dug a 100-Foot-Long Tunnel to Rob a Bank

By Casey Chan on at

This is so incredible that I think I've seen this in a movie before.* And if I didn't, it should be put in a movie immediately. Genius bank robbers dug a 100 foot tunnel from a parking garage across the street to the bank's safe deposit room and walked away with over £11,000,000 in goods.

Police were only notified of the robbery when a security guard noticed smoke coming out of the vault. When police stormed the room, they didn't find bank robbers but discovered the tunnel the robbers used to escape. Turns out, the smoke was coming from a fire the bank robbers set to cover their tracks.

The bank, which is located in Berlin, Germany, is still trying to figure out what was stolen from the safe deposit boxes. I imagine the bank robbers are in some Latin American beach trying to figure out which paradise destination to visit next. You go guys. [Telegraph, Neatorama]

*The Bank Job was a movie based on a true story about a 1971 bank robbery that used a tunnel. So there's that.