By Ashley Feinberg on at

Once a mere twinkle in an ambulophobe's eye, the Micro Scooter Luggage (developed in collaboration with Samsonite) can finally be all yours for the low price of... £250.

Essentially Heely's for the gliding businessman about town, this suitcase-cum-scooter can roll behind you like normal luggage, or in case you're in the mood to give airport security a workout, folded into a scooter for maximum fun and minimum people wanting to be your friend.

But hey—everyone has different tastes, and there's probably at least one person out there who just bought three. So tell us, if you saw someone wheeling around the airport on one of these, would you be applauding their originality or tossing carry-ons in their path? [Micro Scooter Store via Uncrate]