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If you're keen to get a wealth of content onto your Samsung GALAXY Note II as quickly and easily as possible then Samsung has a whole host of options for you to divulge in.

The GALAXY Note II comes preinstalled with five Hub applications - for gaming, learning, reading, watching videos and listening to music - with each one offering up a fantastic array of content to keep even the most media hungry happy.

Game Hub

First up is the Game Hub, which, as you've probably already guessed, gives you access to top gaming applications, which look great on the generous HD Super AMOLED display of the GALAXY Note II.

A big advantage with the Game Hub is each game is carefully selected to feature, meaning you don't have to worry about the cheap knock offs you all too often get hoodwinked into downloading in the Play Store, with only top quality apps getting the go ahead here.

For those of you who love social gaming then the Game Hub has you covered with a dedicated section offering over 40 games integrated with Mobage, allowing you to boast to your friends about how well you’re doing compared to them.

There's a range of free and paid-for games to suit all tastes in the Game Hub, with titles such as Dead Space and Need for Speed looking truly spectacular on the GALAXY Note II's fabulous display, thanks to the raw power of the quad-core processor housed inside the handset allowing for great 3D graphics and slick game play.

Learning Hub

It not all fun and games though as the versatile Samsung GALAXY Note II can also provide exciting and engaging learning experiences thanks to dedicated content from the Learning Hub.

The Learning Hub offers interactive materials customised for use on mobile phones, with a decent and varied range of content such as videos, audio clips and pictures accompanying the traditional text based options.

Visit the store from within the Learning Hub and you'll be able to search the available materials by category, name or brand helping you to get what you want quicker.

The learning experience is also considerably enhanced with the S Pen, which can be used to make notes, annotations, highlights and memos on various sections of content, without any need for the old school worry of marking a physical textbook!

Finally, you can fire over any questions you might have directly to the content creator. Plus there's an integrated calendar, which you can use to track your study, helping you to keep on top of your learning – all of which looks great and is easy to navigate on the generous screen of the GALAXY Note II.

Music Hub

The Music Hub is the one-stop-shop for all your musical needs, offering up a music player, streaming service, cloud storage, radio and store under one roof.

The music store is powered by 7Digital and provides an excellent catalogue of tracks available for you to purchase and download in a matter of seconds.

Upgrade to a premium Music Hub account and you'll gain access to Samsung's cloud storage, allowing you to remotely store your songs and access them from anywhere.

Also included in the premium account is Samsung's streaming service, which lets you listen to millions of tracks without actually having to purchase or download them. Bonus!

And if all of that wasn't enough for the hardcore music fan, you also get a cracking internet radio service, giving you access to hundreds of radio stations with a genre to suit every permutation and combination of tastes.

Readers Hub

As well as being excellent for video playback and gaming, the 5.5-inch display on the GALAXY Note II is perfect for those bibliophiles who like to sink their teeth into a good book.

The Readers Hub makes reading on the GALAXY Note II simple, with access to a vast library of books, including thousands of fiction and non-fiction titles.

Books are comfortable to read thanks to the HD screen on the GALAXY Note II, meaning you don't need to strain your eyes to see the text.

As with content from the Learning Hub you can use the S Pen on your books to make notes or highlight significant areas, providing a fully immersive reading solution on your mobile.

Video Hub

One thing you'll definitely want to do with your Samsung GALAXY Note II is watch a movie or TV show on its fantastic 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, with the Video Hub providing an excellent way of purchasing and downloading content on the handset.

There's a wealth of recent feature films and television shows to choose from, all of which can be easily downloaded straight onto your GALAXY Note II - with HD versions allowing you to take full advantage of that beautiful screen.

Videos look great when played back on the Samsung GALAXY Note II making it a really enjoyable experience and the Video Hub is an excellent resource for building your video and TV collection.

Not all of the services and content featured above are available in every country.



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