Go Get 6 Months of Totally Free Streaming Music

By Chris Mills on at

There's only two things better than streaming services: bacon, and free streaming music. I can't help you with the former, but Rdio can totally help with the latter -- they're running an 'extended trial', which to you and me means six whole months of totally free, totally legal music. Now GOGOGO!

The trial lasts for 6 months, and gives you unlimited, ad-free use of the streaming web service. Sadly, you can't use the mobile apps or offline players, but really, who cares? 182 days of beautiful, free, streaming music. Although Spotify's the big name in streaming music these days, Rdio provides a pretty damn good web player and mobile apps, with a music library to be pretty proud of -- sure, it's not quite as comprehensive as Spotify, but then again Spotify actually costs real monies and has no web player.

Seriously. Go get it. I just signed up, and it took me all of five minutes to register (no, you don't have to give them any card details) and import my Spotify playlists. Give it a whirl. Whatchya got to lose? [Rdio]