Google Chrome's Getting a Handy Notification Centre — And Maybe Google Now

By Leslie Horn on at

If you're using Chromium on Windows, you can now get a notification centre. The feature's just in the developmental stage right now, but it could lead to some neat creations with Chrome that tie it closer to the Android operating system.

Spotted by developer François Beaufort, the rich templated notifications are available in the latest Windows chromium build, which you can download here. Once you have it, toggle the "Enable Rich Notifications" in chrome://flags to see them in action. The screenshot above shows how it works, and although the feature is just apparent in a build right now, it could end up in a later release of Chrome. It's also worth noting that this code might point to the introduction of Google Now support in Chrome in the future. And that predictive app is something we'd love to see on the desktop. [TheNextWeb via François Beaufort]