Got £10,000 and Change? You Can Now Buy Yourself That Gorgeous LG 55-Inch 4K OLED TV

By Sam Gibbs on at

LG's beaten its arch rival Samsung to the OLED-punch, with its brand new 55-inch 4K beauty. Finally, you can buy an OLED TV in a meaningful size (at least in South Korea), and make sure it's not junk in five years, because everyone keeps their TVs for more than five years right? Especially when you've got well over £10,000 to drop on a TV.

This is the first time anyone's managed to produce large screen OLED TVs in any significant quantity too, and shows that we're finally getting there. OLED has promised for years and years to revolutionise our TVs, and while it hasn't quite worked out that way on phones, with LCDs still holding their own, an OLED TV should be absolutely amazing. Plus, for the price of a car, you'll get 4K UHD too, so what more could you want? Maybe two of them? Don't forget one for the loo as well while you're at it. [LG via WSJ]