Graphene's Newest Trick Is Improving Your Tennis Game

By Eric Limer on at

Graphene is a real-life miracle material. It's the strongest known material in the world, is going to bring us bendable batteries, and can even make salt water drinkable. So what's next? Tennis racquets.

Graphene will be making an appearance in the newly redesigned YouTek™ SPEED racquet series from HEAD. The atom-thick layer of carbon atoms will be present in the racquet's shaft which, according to HEAD, lets the bulk of the weight go where it's more useful: the head and the grip. It's soon to be the weapon of the world's top ranked player, Novak Djokovic, who says the racquet will "give [his] game even more speed and control." Though whether or not that's directly due to the graphene is anyone's guess.

It's definitely not the most mind-blowing application of graphene, but it is cool seeing it start rolling out into commercial applications, whatever they may be. I'll take a graphene tennis racquet over nothing. But somebody better hurry up with those super batteries already.