Guillotine Slingshot Is Probably the Most Dangerous Elasticised Weapon Ever Created

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It's hard to imagine what kind of fairy tales a young German boy has to grow up with to inspire a life spent crafting a ridiculous slingshot-based arsenal, but Joerg Sprave seems particularly endeared to Hansel & Gretel. So to celebrate the upcoming film loosely based on that story, Joerg's created what has to be one of the scariest devices to ever come out of his armory: a massive bazooka that's able to behead whatever or whoever's in its sights.

It is, of course, designed with witches in mind, making it easy to take them out of commission with one well-placed shot. But there's no reason it can't also come in handy at picnics, slicing up a watermelon for all to enjoy. Or for finding and prepping the perfect the perfect Thanksgiving turkery. The possibilities are endless. [YouTube]