Hacker Xbox Hoax Leads to Police Raid on Unsuspecting Family

By Mario Aguilar on at

A family in Florida, USA was woken up by police with guns surrounding their house in the middle of the night. This terrifying and potentially scarring event is brought to you by Microsoft Xbox.

WFTV reports that the cops and family were the victims of a hacker hoax conducted on an Xbox at another house in town. How does that work? Hackers busted into a teenager's Xbox demanding information about a computer game, and when he wouldn't help them, the internet criminals used his account to file a false report about a murder and hostage situation. The cops traced the account to the address on record, which was out of date—thus, the unsuspecting and terrified family.

Ooops! Please remember to keep your accounts up to date, friends, so that when you're held hostage, the police know where your Xbox is. [WFTV]