Has a Sales Dude or Dudette Recommended You a Galaxy S III Over an iPhone?

By Chris Mills on at

Let's take a moment, and pretend that, for once, you're going to listen to the recommendation of a high street sales dweeb when you're out buying a shiny new phone. What do you reckon he's going to recommend for you? A svelte iPhone? That slightly-overpriced-but-still-bonkers-cheap Nexus 4? Nope, a new survey says you're wrong.

According to the survey, which encompassed such retail halls of fame as Phones4U, Carphone Warehouse and, err, Maplin, the phone most likely to be recommended was the Samsung Galaxy S III, with the Galaxy Note II a close second. In fact, they were the recommended devices in 6 of 8 stores. (Yes, the iPhone 5 was recommended in the other two.)

Granted, the Galaxy S III is a superb handset; 6 out of 8 sounds suspiciously high, though. Very suspicious. I reckon there's two possible explanations for this: One, Samsung offers better commission for selling the Galaxy S III;  or two, all high street sales assistants are Android-powered Samsung zombies just looking for the next person to infest with TouchWiz. On reflection, two is far more likely.

On a serious note, however, wouldn't you agree it's a worryingly high statistic? Although you, dear enlightened readers, hopefully take such recommendations with a small thimbleful of salt, listening to an earnest but clueless young guy witter on about megapixles is all that passes for research in many people's handset shopping. If this survey is true, then, Samsung's got a big boost over Apple in the UK. Surveys are just surveys though; from your experience, would you agree that High Street stores are filled with 'droid fanboys? [CNET]