Heads Up, Hardcore iOS Gamers: You Need This Physical Controller for Your iPad

By Chris Mills on at

Do you suffer from low scores in Temple Run, embarrassing pig-humiliation in Angry Birds or not enough violence in Grand Theft Auto? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this physical gamepad for your iPad could be the answer to YOUR prayers.

The Audojo, which launched on Kickstarter two days ago, basically provides your iPad with two analog sticks and a pair of physical buttons for that authentic, clicky gaming feel. It connects to the iPad through the 3.5mm jack port, which apparently helps with lag -- and everyone knows that lag when you're trying to escape the zombie bear in Temple Run 2 is not acceptable. Still, I can totally see the value for a first person shooter -- Grand Theft Auto could be amazing with this thing bolted on.

Mind you, the hardware can be as sweet as you like, but if there aren't any apps that support it then you're left with one weird-looking tablet and not a lot else. Audojo has started getting developers on board already -- a couple of iOS first-person-shooters work already, as does a trial version of Angry Birds (though why someone thought they needed two joysticks, or even any joysticks to play Angry Birds is beyond me). Of interest to the aspiring drone pilot, it's apparently also managed to control a Parrot A.R.Drone.

Thumbs twitching in anticipation? The Kickstarter project still has 28 days to run; a £45 donation will secure you a device (with an extra £12 shipping to the UK). That said, it is still nothing but a Kickstarter project, so there's no guarantee it'll ever see the light of day. [Kickstarter via Engadget]