Here is the iPhone 5 Jailbreak We've All Been Waiting For, But You Can't Have It Till Sunday

By Sam Gibbs on at

Talk about a damn tease. A group of jailbreakers, known as the Evad3rs, has just shown off the world's first iPhone 5 and iOS 6.1 jailbreak, that'll unshackle everything but the new Apple TV. Here it is, but you'll have to wait till sodding Sunday to actually use it.

The Americans have the NFL Super Bowl on Sunday, which is apparently a big deal, big enough to delay the release of the Evasi0n anyway. Irritating for the rest of us for sure. And when the Americans say Sunday, it might end up being in the early hours of Monday for us poor Britons. Just make sure you take a complete backup of your phone or tablet before heading to work on Monday, eh?

Anyway, judging by the way the hackers are going about things, it looks like it'll be a pretty easy GUI-based jailbreak, maybe even as simple as the old JailBreakMe. Apparently all you'll need is "5 minutes of your time" and a PC, Mac or Linux box. That'd be nice. [Evasi0n via 9to5Mac]