Here's an App To Help Chaps Measure Their, Ahem, 'Chap'

By Chris Mills on at

Gentlemen of Gizmodo, do you know what the right size of condom for you is? No? Well, there's an app for that. An app that not only measures your little friend, but also gives him/it a world-wide ranking. Oh great.

There is -- so I'm told -- a serious point to this app. Apparently, the number one reason for condoms failing is incorrect sizing. To get it right, the app measures you against the edge of the device (insert 'oh, I'll need an iPad then' joke here), helps you work out your girth, and then tells you what size johnny you'll need.

I'm not really sure how this got past Apple's App Store Prude Shield, but still; it's useful, I guess, if maybe not worth the 69p. Now all together, bow your heads, and pray that they never, ever, put Facebook integration into this thing. [iTunes via Appside]