HMV's Twitter Account Goes Rogue

By Sam Gibbs on at

Sounds like quite a lot of people are having a really crappy time over at HMV. However, management obviously didn't think about the corporate Twitter stream. Mass execution? Live twitter coverage of firings? Nasty stuff.

Of course, someone's realised, as all the incriminating tweets have gone, but thanks to the sharp screenshotting ways of some fine folks in the office, we've been able to piece together the social media carnage.

HMV Tweets


It sounds like the administrators have basically canned the whole HR department, and while you have to believe they know what they're doing in the long run, whoever had the keys to Twitter obviously doesn't think they've got the chops to save the company. Savage.

Anyway, one thing we can take away from this. Don't fire the guy who runs your twitter account, OK?

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!