How to Finally Put Newsstand to Good Use as Your Crap App Folder

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you've got an iPhone, then you'll have a junk folder. The place where you store all the Apple apps you can't actually delete, but would never use in a million years like Apple Maps. Unfortunately Newsstand won't fit into that. But wait, you can now actually use Newsstand as your junk folder, no jailbreak required. Here's how.

Of course, you'll probably only want to do this if you don't actually use Newsstand apps on your iPhone, which I certainly don't. You'll also need a bit of touch-screen foo to get this done right, but it is possible as the folks from iDownload Blog show above.

1 - Shove Newsstand on the second page of your home screen

2 - Sling the apps you want to junk on the third home screen page

3 - On the third page, tap the home screen button once and immediately grab the app you want to hide

4 - Hold the screen until you're on the first page of the home screen

5 - Release your hold and swipe to the second home screen

6 - If the icons are wiggling, then just tap on the Newsstand folder to open it

7 - Hit the home button to close the folder, and hey presto, your app should be shoe-horned into Newsstand

Rinse and repeat for all the apps you want to hide (there's no limit apparently), then shove Newsstand somewhere you're not going to see it. Job done. One less junk folder messing up your perfect home screen alignment. Just don't reboot your phone, OK? Otherwise all the apps will spawn back outside the Newsstand folder. [iDownloadBlog via SlashGear]