If Batman Played in The Human League, This Would Be His Instrument of Choice

By Chris Mills on at

I reckon that deep down inside, the Caped Crusader has a soft spot for crappy progressive 80s synth music. But how's a superhero meant to get his musical groove on whilst out and about kicking arse? With this deeply menacing machine, of course.

Made in our very own sunny isles, the Stylophone 2 isn't so much synthesiser as pocket badass music-making machine. I could bore you with facts, like that it fits a 3-octave keyboard into a 12-inch package (teehee), or that the signal path is beautiful, crisp analogue, unpolluted by any of that digital crap, or even that it's powered by a couple of AA batteries.

But none of that matters. Because this isn't something you buy because you need it. This is something you buy because you want to be the answer to the question "what happens if you cross Iron Man with a virtuoso pianist?". You probably don't even care that they're charging £299 for the damn thing. [Stylophone]

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