"I'm Just Popping Down the Pub to, Er, Use the Complementary Wi-Fi"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Binge drinking enabler Punch Taverns has signed a deal with omnipresent Wi-Fi provider The Cloud, which will see free Wi-Fi access launched in some 3,000 pubs across the UK.

The pub chain has been trialling free Wi-Fi in several pubs, claiming it's seen a rise in business during traditionally quiet times of day, as casual punters slip in for a quick email read alongside a swift half. And possibly even a packet of crisps. They may even tweet about the experience.

Wi-Fi tester Susan King, boss of the Derwent Arms in Osbaldwick, said: "I've had free Wi-Fi in the pub for just over two months, and since it has been installed I've definitely seen the benefits. I see a lot of young people, especially, coming in with smartphones and laptops, and they tend to stay longer because they can use the internet for free."

Punch says all of its pubs ought to be offering free Wi-Fi by the end of March this year. [Computer Weekly]

Image credit: Pub from Shutterstock