Is EE Going to Get Bought By the Americans?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Here's an interesting rumour. The American network, AT&T, is looking at buying into the UK mobile party, with EE apparently top of the list. Are we soon going to be subjected to the fake "4G" marketing bullshit, and horrendous charges our US cousins are currently suffering?

The whispers come from sources close to AT&T talking to the WSJ, so should carry some heft in the rumour stakes. Apparently EE's not the only network on the block either; Royal KPN in the Netherlands is also in the firing line.

It's unknown whether EE will accept a buy-out, of course, but it seems that AT&T's champing at the bit to get into the UK. Meanwhile, EE's slimming down its complement of brick-and-mortar stores, consolidating overlapping stores from the Orange and T-mobile merger. Something tells me it's only a matter of time, even if EE isn't the one who gets swallowed up. [WSJ via TechRadar]

Image credit: Arm from Shutterstock