Is That a BRAVIA In Your Pocket?

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Sony's latest Xperia Z smartphone brings all of Sony's TV skills to mobile, for the ultimate in handheld media enjoyment and a display that’s bright and clear even when outdoors.

You are probably aware of the fact that Sony has been making televisions for quite some time. It's got quite good at it, in fact. So much so that the BRAVIA name it badges on its big screens has become a by-word for quality, both in terms of build and the all-important clarity of what you actually see.

Sony's previous Android models were powered by the Mobile BRAVIA Engine -- now it's ready to launch Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2.0 inside the new Xperia Z.

The key new inclusion here is the same contrast enhancement technology that Sony uses in its big TVs, miniaturised and used to great effect when bringing content to life on the Xperia Z. You'll notice text look incredibly sharp on screen, while photos and video captured yourself will appear vivid and clear on the phone's large 5" display.

A problem other less-capable phones have comes from stretching lower resolutions to fill big screen. That's not an issue here, thanks to the Xperia Z's display running at the "Full HD" resolution of 1920 x 1080, generating a pixel density of some 443ppi and a maximum 500 cd brightness level.

To put that in layman's terms for any luddites who may have stumbled in here to read this, that means the Z’s display is astonishingly clear and sharp, with text appearing natural to the eye. No blotchy colours, no visible pixels, just super-sharp words, clear high-definition media and bright, vibrant colours.

It's the world’s sharpest, boldest display, automatically optimised by Sony's top-class TV tech.