Is the Facebook Phone Finally Going to Rear Its Ugly Head on January 15?

By Sam Gibbs on at

People. This is it. Facebook has something to show us, on January 15th no less. "Come and see what we're building" says the invite. What could it be? The fabled, practically-vapourware Facebook phone? Maybe a Facebook tablet? Or in fact, Facebook could have a new cyborg plug-in for your brain, so you can instantly over-share literally everything, including pure thought. Amazing!

God knows. Honestly, it could just be a new server architecture, or even something as lame as a new photo viewer. Anyway, the rumours point to a Facebook phone, even though MZuck himself said a phone would be "so clearly the wrong strategy for us". Can't get much more of a denial than that, but then maybe Zuckerberg doth protest too much? Pulling 'a Jobs' on us here Marky-Mark?

Facebook Invite

Either way, we'll find out at Facebook's mystery press conference on January 15th. I can hardly wait. [WSJ]