Is Your Microsoft Surface RT Borked a Little Since the Last Update?

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems despite knowing precisely what hardware Microsoft's got to install its stuff on, it's still not managed to iron out its notoriously buggy Windows update. Surface RT users are complaining the last Windows update has borked their tablets. Any Surface owners having issues?

Basically, quite a few people have been complaining that not only does Windows Update no longer damn work, neither does the Windows Store, failing to update normal apps. I can't say I've experienced this issue myself, but has anyone in the Surface-using Giz community encountered it?

Come on Microsoft, this is not the way to show you can do it all. Hell, it's your own bloody hardware, you should have no issues anywhere, just like, errr, Apple. OK, maybe just a few issues here and there, then. [Microsoft via TNW]

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