Jessops and HMV May Combine for Ultimate Retail Fail Combo

By Gary Cutlack on at

Staggering news has emerged from the debris of the HMV collapse, with sources claiming that the music chain's financial saviour could also be considering a bid for part of dead camera chain Jessops -- and might install Jessops booths inside HMV branches for the ultimate in retro retail experiences.

Shop restructuring business Hilco has acquired the debt of struggling retailer HMV, after it slumped into administration recently. This means it's now pretty much in charge of the chain's fortunes, with sources quoted by the Telegraph claiming Hilco is also sniffing around the fly-ridden corpse of Jessops looking to do a deal there too.

It's unlikely we'll see Jessops itself return to the high street. The current deal supposedly only covers selling the brand name and Jessops web site to Hilco, although both Hilco and Jessops' administrator PricewaterhouseCoopers wouldn't confirm or deny any formal deal.

Perhaps HMV could rent Jessops cameras to people under the Blockbuster brand? [Telegraph]

Image credit: Jessops from Shutterstock