Jessops Stores Officially Closed For Good

By Sam Gibbs on at

Bad news I'm afraid. After plunging into administration, the high street has lost yet another 187 stores and 1,370 jobs, as Jessops has shut up shop for good. Apparently suppliers cut its lifeline, which meant Jessops had no future, and it seems there won't even be a fire sale to console us either.

Unlike Comet, Pricewaterhouse Coopers is aiming to collect all stock from Jessops stores and actually send it back to the suppliers. Of course, we don't know yet whether the suppliers are actually going to accept it all, but that's the plan.

Back in 2009, Jessops managed to skirt going bust only through a stock swap with HSBC, but considering sales have steadily declined, and competition has only ever increased, the writing was on the wall. So that's it, folks, Jessops is dead, and it's not even going out with a bang. [BBC]

Image credit: Jessops from Shutterstock