Larry Page Happily Withstanding Steve Jobs' Thermonuclear War on Android

By Gary Cutlack on at

Larry Page, the nerdy but loveable boss of Google, couldn't resist having a sneaky little pop at Steve Jobs, when asked about the late Apple boss' often-quoted deranged thermonuclear war speech.

When asked by Wired what he thought of Steve's plan to ruin Google's rival mobile OS no matter how much it cost or how many innocent children were taken out in the blast radius and poisoned by the subsequent contamination of the food chain and water supply, Page came back at the interviewer with a barbed "How well is that working?". That's clearly a bit of knowing wink in the direction of Apple, which is seeing Android eating up more and more of its mobile market as each day passes.

Elsewhere in the wide ranging interview with the Google man, Page took time to slag off Facebook, said Google+ is doing well and filled us in on the exciting, weird developments going on under the Google X division's leadership. Take a read. He's very clever, and spending most of his days working on fine-tuning the Google user experience across its many products.

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