Laugh At the 3-D Gun Printing Morons Screwing Up Again

By Chris Mills on at

3D printing failed at making an actual gun. In fact, the test gun pretty much blew up in the poor test guy's face. Since then, the guys behind that megaflop have lowered their sights (pardon the pun) to try and take on the humble magazine -- something they might be able to achieve, if they weren't a bunch of raving blockheads. Check out the video if you like wallowing in other people's failure.

The group of psychos, called Defence Distributed (whose ultimate aim is to create a complete 'downloadable gun', because that sounds like a great idea), tried building a bog-standard 30-round magazine for an AR-15 assault rifle. In theory, this shouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility -- in Afghanistan, the magazines used by British and American troops are now made from a polymer.

Of course, these mags weren't the carefully-though-out-design of experienced engineers, but rather something bodged together by gum-chewing wannabe-Jack-Wills models (if the YouTube video is anything to go by); unsurprisingly, the mag jams after just 5 rounds, and apparently the whole thing fell to pieces pretty damn quick. Even while it was still in one sorry piece, it didn't work at all:

"The mag catch slot seemed a little larger than a pmag’s, and there was some noticeable play in the well."

"Successive rounds would jam in the feed ramp"

"Smooth feeding was not to be in the cards"

I'm now looking forward to the next instalment, where a bunch of rednecks make 3-D printed bullets and fire them at each other. We can live in hope. [ExtremeTech]