Leaked Screenshots Suggest HTC's Sense Skin Will Be Given a Simplified Overhaul

By Jamie Condliffe on at

HTC's Sense skin for Android has long been a bloated skeuomorphic mess, with aluminium ring pulls, flip clocks and fancy weather animations. If these leaked screenshot are accurate, though, that all looks set to change — for the better.

These images were posted by XDA developer mdeejay, who claims to have a working port of the forthcoming Sense 5 skin. If they're the real deal, HTC users can breathe a sigh of relief: the design looks flatter, cleaner and less cluttered. There's no reliance on brushed metal and retro design cues here — instead, all that's replaced with sleek fonts, clean lines, and simple but striking design.

That seems to be echoed in HTCs icon design, too: the camera and message icons, for instance, are far neater than HTC's current offering. If — and it's still a big if — these are genuine, then HTC's software just got one almighty design shot in the arm. [XDA via Android Central via Engadget]