Lenovo's Intel-Powered K900 Destroys Everything in Benchmark Tests

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lenovo revealed its K900 model at CES last week, proudly boasting of the power delivered by its next-gen Intel Atom mobile processor. And some benchmark numbers show it could well be the most powerful phone yet built.

According to AnTuTu benchmarking results, the K900's 2GHz dual-core Atom manages a score of around the 25,000 mark, which is approaching double the performance score recorded by Samsung's quad-core Galaxy Note II.

Of course, benchmarks are no real guide when it comes to real world performance, where software and apps and glitches all come into play, and it won't be much use if that level of power and the K900's huge 5.5" display mean the phone's battery only lasts for 20 minutes. But even so. If they can get this one right, it ought to be a stonker. [Phone Arena]