LG Denies Nexus 4 Shortages Are Its Fault and Says No Nexus 5 Incoming

By Sam Gibbs on at

After Google basically threw LG under a bus, telling the world+dog that all the Nexus 4 shortages and issues were LG's fault, the Korean manufacturer has finally responded. Apparently it's nothing to do with LG, because it's been pumping them out just fine, and still is. Thanks Google.

LG also took the time to dismiss rumours of a shut down of Nexus 4 production ahead of a Nexus 5 release, calling them "unfounded". It's funny, considering the two are meant to be in a partnership to produce the Nexus line, but I could swear the Nexus 4 supply mess has just boiled down to kids squabbling and trading insults.

Anyway, take your pick who you believe. I wonder how all this is going to impact on the future Nexus 5. Will Google switch manufactures? Probably not at this stage. [Chosun via Ars Technica]