London Street Goes 8-Bit for Marketing Stunt

By Gary Cutlack on at

Part of London's trendy Brick Lane was turned into an 8-bit paradise over the weekend, in a stunt designed to raise awareness of the home launch of one of your modern animated films.

Marketing people working on behalf of Disney's Wreck-It-Ralph created the hashtag #8bitlane and decked out part of East London's Brick Lane with 8-bit scenery, creating chunky trees, a pixelated black cab, angular pigeons and even a little lump of square dog poo, all in the name of getting us excited about a Blu-ray release.

It seems to have gone down pretty well for one of these oddball stunts, as people do actually seem to be tweeting photos and stuff about it under their own steam. [XombieDIRGE via Kotaku]