Man Jailed for Paying Facebook User to Take His Driving Penalty Points

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man's clever scheme to avoid adding more penalty points on his driving license ended in a jail term, after he advertised for a stranger to take a speeding ticket on his behalf through Facebook.

Scott Woodburn managed to find someone crazy enough to take the hit, and paid him £250 to accept some penalty points on his behalf. Despite not even having a driving license, Daniel Baggaley agreed to say he was the one driving Woodburn's car when the penalty was incurred.

The penalty points for speeding would've taken Woodburn through the limit and had his license suspended. But now, after his plan backfired and police rumbled his cunning plan, he's been disqualified from driving and given a five-month prison sentence. Baggaley also got an 11-week jail term, although that's been suspended for 12 months. [Metro]