Man Tracks Down Stolen Phone Just to Get His Head Kicked In too

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've heard quite a few happy-ending tales of how people have gotten their thieved gadgets back. Yes, you might be able to track your stolen phone with Find My Whatever, but remember you're not Liam Neeson. Let this be a lesson for you: criminals are dangerous, and confronting them is certainly not a good idea, without the police at least.

The poor chap in the video above is Kenneth Schmidgall, who used Find My iPhone to track down his stolen phone to a bloke riding a bike in a San Diego national reserve. Confronting the man didn't quite go the way he thought it would, as the guy and apparently one other, decided to try and flee then beat the shit out of him.

It wasn't until someone broke-out the pepper spray, and an off-duty policeman arrived, did the brawl calm down. But as you can see in the video ("somebody's bleeding"), several blows to the face later, apparently with a rock, Schmidgall came off just as badly as the crim, minus the profuse projections caused by mace to the face, of course.

Remember folks, as we've said before, people who steal your shit are violent scumbag, bottom-feeders, and they don't give two hoots about you. So, unless you're built like a tank with several black belts to your name, or you have your own personal army, don't approach crims without the backing of the rozzers. It's just not worth it. [YouTube via ABC via Huffington Post]

Hat tip to Hyperstate, here's the full video: