MediaFire, Drisk, and More

By Leslie Horn on at

Just like animals, we humans tend to hibernate in the winter. So that means lots of time to catch up on mundane tasks and develop addictions to smartphone games. We have you covered in all aspects in this edition of Android apps of the week, with a new media storage app, a couple of games, and much more.

MediaFire, Simple, and MoreMediaFire: MediaFire's new app gives you 50GB of storage with a file upload size limit of 200MB. Better yet? It's totally free. You're crazy if you don't like free stuff. Free

MediaFire, Simple, and MoreDrisk: Play Risk on your Android phone, against up to six players or computers. It's the classic game you grew up playing, and it includes 26 maps. Calling all aspiring dictators. £1.29

MediaFire, Simple, and MoreGood Point Snowboarding: The conditions on the slopes are a crapshoot. But when you shred the slopes in this game clad in the gear of your choice, you can be sure the snow is great, the weather is perfect, and you're riding just like Shaun White. £0.62